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Featured in: The Hankyoreh
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Working Papers and Work in Progress

Permanent Working Paper

  • Strategies for Reforming Korea's Labor Market to Foster Growth (with Mai Dao, Davide Furceri, Meeyeon Kim, and Tae-Jeong Kim), IMF Working Paper #14/137, BOK Working Paper #2014-25. [PDF]

Featured in: Yonhap News, JTBC News

Book Chapters

  • Tackling Gender Inequality in Asia: Korea (with Mai Dao, Davide Furceri, and Meeyeon Kim) in Women, Work, and Economic Growth: Leveling the Playing Field, eds. Kalpana Kochhar, Sonali Jain-Chandra, and Monique Newiak, International Monetary Fund, 2017. [PDF] [Online]

  • Strategies of Technology and Market Catch-Up by Latecomers: Shimro, Cuckoo, and Hongjin HJC (with Hyejin Lee and Keun Lee) in Economics of Catch-Up, ed. Keun Lee, Seoul: 21st Century Books, 2008. [written in Korean]